Mandarin Chinese Language Course(s) in Singapore

Providing a Modern Approach to Learning Mandarin Chinese in Singapore

Chinese Language Courses Singapore

At Han Hai Language Studio, our speciality lies in the provision of modern and innovative Mandarin Chinese courses for working adults and professionals alike. Whether you are looking for corporate courses aimed at accelerated learning of business mandarin or just looking to pick up some conversational mandarin lessons for simple and casual communication in Singapore, Han Hai Language Studio has you covered.

As teaching has progressed over the years, so have our methods and lesson plans. Learning a language, especially a new one, can be an incredibly dry and boring experience for students. Thus at Han Hai Language Studio, we strive to provide creative and up to date methods of delivering course content effectively. From the use of fun activities, group discussions, one-on-one sessions as well as overseas immersion programs, there is no type of activity that we will not consider when it comes to the most effective and interesting ways of learning the Chinese language.

When it comes to Chinese lessons, you will not find a better language partner in Singapore. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult for actively working professionals to study and work at the same time. Thus, we provide flexible timetables, schedules as well as one to one lessons catered to our students such that they can learn the mandarin language at their own pace.

Why learn Chinese in Singapore at Han Hai Language Studio ?

1. Great Location 

As a large portion of our student body consists of adults and working professionals, we have chosen to locate our studio in a centralized area for convenience sake and so that all students can minimize travelling time and costs. We are situated on the 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, #07-07,  and is  just a short walking distance away from Somerset Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Station. Our Raffles Place office is located at 137 Market Street, Level 6 Room 611, Singapore 048943. It is a 3 minutes walking distance from Raffles Place MRT, Exit F.

2. Practical and Innovative Courses

At Han Hai Language Studio, we believe that a big part of studying the language consists of learning, and hopefully, experiencing the Chinese culture along with all its various norms and etiquette. In our experience, learning the culture and history of the Chinese will vastly aid in the rapid and effective picking up of the language in addition to expanding one’s vocabulary.

Our highly interactive and modern approach to teaching is married to some semblance of sensibility and practicality. For instance, we teach only simplified Chinese script as it is the official choice of language used in both China and Singapore. Dubbed “Simplified Chinese”, it is used in official government papers in China and is also the official script used in Singapore’s official Chinese newspaper.

3. Convenience and Flexibility

Working and studying at the same time can be really tiring and taxing. Hence, we will do everything in our power to cater to the convenience of the student. Timetable and scheduling flexibility are inherent in all of our courses as well as online lessons and resources for studying professional that has to travel overseas frequently. We combine our online resources with one to one sessions in order to ensure that the frequently travelling student will not be left behind.

4. Five Star Service

We strive for excellence in everything we do. All our teachers are seasoned veterans in the teaching industry and like us will always strive to uphold the high standards set out by the studio. We guarantee that all students who leave Han Hai Language Studio are adequately prepared to utilize the language in their day to day operations and business meetings.

 5. Conducive Learning Environment