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Learn Beginners Chinese Course In Singapore

This Beginners Chinese Course is intended for adults and students who would like to take Mandarin Chinese in Singapore as a second language because they plan to work in China, Singapore or other Chinese-speaking countries. This beginners Chinese course is specifically designed to train beginners to communicate effectively in Chinese in everyday setting. It is an Introduction Course to Chinese language and culture.

Beginners Chinese Course @ $520.00 ONLY

  • A complete Pinyin Guide for pronunciation and detailed Chinese grammar notes for sentence constructions.
  • A whole set of Mastering Chinese Textbook, including CDs and Chinese Character Practicing Book.Useful expressions used when meeting people, starting conversations and answering questions in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Lessons are divided into themes and topics, covering subjects you are likely to have in both China and Singapore.

Main contents of each lesson are focused on:

  • Conversation and Text :

    Practical and easy to command Chinese phrases are introduced.
    New words: Learners are learning an average of 20 new Chinese works per lesson. All the new words are compiled in Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English translation as a reference.

  • Grammar:

    Simple Chinese grammar are introduced into each lesson, providing practical guidance for students to proper construct Chinese sentence.

  • Writing Tutorials & Practices :

    Systematic knowledge of practical Chinese characters writing, including basic Strokes and Radicals.

  • Exercises:

    Speaking and comprehension exercises to see how well the students understand the texts.

  • Culture Notes:

    Learn Chinese through its culture and history. Some group activity will be done at Chinatown.

Course Schedule:

Year-end Promotion: $480 per course per level - Only in December

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*Classes are fully booked with strikethrough mark

   2018 Beginners Chinese Class  -  January Schedule -    6 Raffles Quay 

CodeCourse LevelStart dateDay(s)TimeHrsFeeLocation
BC1Beginners Chinese 1- Saturday9 Sept, 17 Saturday 15:30-17:3018$460+$65Raffles Quay
 BC2Beginner Chinese 2-Evening 29 Aug, 17 Tuesday19:00-21:00 18 $460 Raffles Quay
 BC3 Beginners Chinese 3 - Daytime 28 Aug, 17 Mon & Wed 10:00-12:00 18 $460 Raffles Quay
 BC1 Beginners Chinese 1- Evening 25 October 17 Wed 19:00-21:00 18 $460+$65 Raffles Quay


             2018 Beginners Chinese Class  -  January Schedule - Orchard Gateway@Emerald

CodeCourse LevelStart dateDay(s)TimeHrsFeeLocation
BC1Beginners Chinese 1- Evening26 August, 17 Tue & Thur19:00-21:0018$460+$65Orchard Gateway
 BC3Beginners Chinese 3-Evening 9 Jan,18Tue & Thur19.00-21.00  18 $520 Orchard Gateway
BC3Beginners Chinese 3-Daytime 8 Jan, 18Mon &Wed 10.00-12.0018  $520 Orchard Gateway
 BC1Beginners Chinese 1-Daytime  9 Jan, 18Tue & Thur 10.00-12.oo 18$520+$65 Orchard Gateway

Course Contents
*Textbook & Course Materials are Charged separately at $65 per person. $525 includes the Textbook & Course Materials fees.

Unit 1 Getting Started with Han Yu Pin Yin

Unit 2 Greetings and Introducing your self in Chinese

Unit 3 Introducing Family and Friends

Unit 4 Numbers

Unit 5 Dates and Plans

Unit 6 Time

Unit 7 Shopping

Unit 8 Eating and Drinking

Unit 9 Transport and directions

Unit 10 Staying in a Hotel

Unit 11 Leisure and Hobbies

Unit 12 Making Phone Calls in Chinese




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