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Get a Chinese Name

Get a Real Chinese Name

Perhaps you are starting to learn Chinese and would like to get a name in that language, or perhaps you are purely curious what your name would sound like in another language. Whatever the reason, having a Chinese name allows you to feel closer to the culture and is a great starter for small talk when you meet someone new.

Get your very own and unique Chinese name by filling in your first and last name, gender and birthdate! 

Free Option:

  • Chinese name is a translation of your English name
  • Chinese name will be based on your gender

Sponsor-Us Option:

  • Chinese name based on gender and/or birthdate 
  • Chinese names with meanings provided, as Chinese is such an ancient language, Chinese names will have different meanings behind them
  • Unique name of your own, no two persons will have the same name!
  • Chinese character stroke practice – we teach you the right way to write your Chinese name
  • Get a unique Chinese seal stamp (印章) with us and we will mail to you  (self-collection is also available)

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