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Study Chinese in Private class

Hai Hai Language Studio offers private Mandarin Chinese tuition for language learners in Singapore. Private Chinese classes are suitable for students who travel frequently or would like to study Chinese at their own pace.

The advantages of taking 1 on 1 private Chinese lessons

1. Flexible Schedule & Venue

Flexible schedule and venue also help the students to fully achieve their learning goals. Students are giving the option to choose their class venue as well. It can be arranged at our studio, student’s office or home, or even online virtual classroom (not Skype).

2. Full Attention From your Chinese instructors

Comparing to the group class, you are getting full attention from your Chinese instructor. Your weakness in speaking or writing can be directly corrected by your teacher.

3. Free App and Online Study Portal , Learn Chinese Anytime Anywhere

Students who signed up for the Private Chinese Class or the premium group class can take advantage of the Chinese online study portal. Free app can be downloaded on Iphone or Android phone to study vocabulary and play Chinese word game.

4. Customised Curriculum and Learning Materials

Every student’s needs are different. Our private lessons are highly customised to address and to meet each individual’s learning needs. You are allowed to design the course together with our Chinese instructor. We teach what is important and practical for you.

5. Assistance for HSK Proficiency Test

Students who are taking Private Chinese lessons at Han Hai will get assistance and advise on how to register and prepare the HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) test in Singapore, which is an international standardised exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. The HSK certificates is recognised in Singapore, China and all Chinese speaking countries.

Price List

Level : Beginners to Intermediate 

No. of HoursHourly Rate
1 to 30 hrsS$ 70 /hr$65 Textbook
31 to 50 hrsS$ 65 /hr$65 Textbook
Above 50 hrsS$ 60 /hr$65 Textbook

Level : Advanced & Business 

No. of HoursHourly Rate 
1 to 30 hrsS$ 90 /hr$65 Textbook
31 to 50 hrsS$ 85 /hr$65 Textbook
Above 50 hrsS$ 80 /hr$65 Textbook


Private Chinese Group Lessons

If you have a few friends or colleagues are interested in taking a class together, the Private Group Chinese Lessons are the perfect option.

  • The efficiency and the flexibility of Private Lessons
  • Known your classmates and their level of fluency before joining the class
  • Decide your class venue and course content
  • Sharing the course fee with your friends or colleagues at discounted price

Price List

Students< 50 hrs50 to 99 hrs>100 hrs
2 studentsS$90/hrS$80 /hrS$70/hr
3-4 studentsS$120/hrS$90 /hrS$80/hr
5-6 studentsS$120/hrS$110 /hrS$100/hr
7 students & moreS$140/hrS$120 /hrS$110/hr

*Textbook and course materials are charged separately @$65.00 per person.

Terms and Conditions

1. Validity of the pacakge: 20 hours- 12 months

                                       30 hours- 18 months

Any lessons not completed thereafter will be forfeited

2. You are encouraged to utilise our online booking system to prebook your class up to 1 month. Any cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance by email or text message.  . If you have not continulously studied for 2 weeks, we may release this times slots of your teacher to other teaching assignment.

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Founded in 2010, Han Hai Language Studio is a boutique language school located at Somerset Road & Market Street. Han Hai's mission is to promote Chinese culture and help non-Chinese speakers to master this beautiful Asian language. GET STARTED NOW