What are the best online Chinese dictionaries [online resources] ?

As a Chinese language learner, if you are not living in a Chinese speaking country, you might find it difficult to choose the right words to say at the right moment. You might need some help online to facilitate your regular Mandarin Chinese class. We have summarized a series of online Chinese study resources to speed up your study . Here is the list for the best Chinese online dictionaries we have tried so far.

Chinese Dictionaries

For the Chinese learners to consult an authorized and powerful dictionary, we would like to recommend the following Chinese study Apps or website to suite different needs:

  1. Pleco

    It is available both on Apple Store and Google Play. There are some unique features that makes Pleco stands out from the other Chinese online dictionary. It includes licensed dictionary databases from Oxford, Longman, FLTRP, and many other major publishers.


    You can search the Chinese words live using your own device’s camera , or search the words from a still image.

    Handwriting & Voice input

    It accepts both 手写 handwriting and 声音 input , which makes it easy for the Chinese learners to look for new words or words that you know how to pronounce it but do not know how to write it.


    You may be tired of hearing Chinese words pronounced by the robots. Try Pleco, it has 34,000 Mandarin words pronounced by native speakers.

    Flashcards (Add-on)

    Their customized flashcards system covers all vocabulary from HSK 1 to HSK 6. It is a essential tool for Chinese learners who would like to take the HSK test. You can also import your own Chinese vocabulary list.

    More information about Pleco can be found on their website and Facebook :



  2. HanDian 汉典

    HanDian is a very powerful tool for both Chinese teachers and Chinese learners. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced Chinese learners as the site is only available in Chinese.


  3. MDBG Online Dictionary

    It comes with a clean interface and easy to navigate the whole site. It has the Hanyu Pinyin function. When you search a new word, it comes with Pinyin and tones. MDBG offers search in both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.


MDBG Chinese-English dictionary

4. Written Chinese Dictionary

Written Chinese has a very colorful website. Besides online dictionary, it also contains a lot of other Chinese study tools.


5. Google Translation on the App Store (English to Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese)


6. Yellow Bridge  (Mandarin-English Dictionary & Thesaurus)

Yellow Bridge Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries have more than 200,000 entries, including thesaurus, word decomposition and example sentences. The same URL supports both desktop and mobile access.

Besides the online dictionaries, the Yellow Bridge also offers a wide range of services and resources. However the site is a ad-supported site. Sometimes, you might find it a bit annoying to see so much ads running on the site. To remove the ads, you may purchase a membership with them at $29.95 for six-month subscription.