How to find the best way to learn Chinese [Private or Group Class]?


If you a foreigner and recently relocated to Singapore, you might want to pick up some Mandarin Chinese to get around and also get to know a bit about the local culture. Learning Mandarin Chinese indeed is a wise decision to make and a worthwhile investment, if you could stay till the end.

We suggest that every Chinese learner find out your own learning style before starting your Chinese learning journey.

Where and how to find your learning style?

Your preferred learning style is the way in which you learn best, and it is generally grouped into




There is some free online assessment available for you to find out your learning style.

After deciding your learning style, you may want to decide if you would like to engage a private tutor or join a group class to study. Besides taking into consideration your availability and budget, the critical question you should ask yourself is that if you learn better in a group or by individual.

Group Chinese Class VS Private Chinese Class

Sociable and want to make new friends

If you could stick to a fixed schedule and love the interaction of group class, no doubt the group class is definitely a good choice. Many people choose the group Chinese class is because they want to make new friends. This special Chinese learning community will help each other and encourage each other to move to the next level. You have a few learning buddies around, and you will not feel alone.

Things to take note:

1. Be sure to ask your school the general profile of your class. Our students at Han Hai Language Studio come from more than 40 countries around the world. We usually have a good mix of Asian students (Korean, Japanese or Indonesian) and European students. In such a group class, you are not only learning from your teacher but your classmates as well.

2. Know the make-up policy before you sign-up

Introvert and has a unique way to study

For the group class, the pace of the course is usually not too fast or too slow. The curriculum is designed for the average students. If you consider yourself a quick learner or you have a unique way of learning things, the group class will not meet your needs. Engage a private tutor will help you to grow fast and learn effectively, no money and time wasted. You can also plan the class together with your tutor, and tell him or her exactly what you need and your learning goals.

Things to take note:

1. Chemistry is important. Find the tutor that suits you and understand you well. Be sure of meet the tutor before your class or purchase one hour class to try out. In Han Hai, we will place 2 tutors for you, if you are unhappy with the first one, we will replace another one for you.

2. Time management. Schedule your class wisely and keep the momentum to see the best result in the shortest time.

3. There is validity for every package that you purchase. The purpose is to make sure that student will finish their class, and achieve their goals within a certain period of time. When there is no regular study , it is very difficult to maintain and produce the result as planned.

3. Find out more of the other advantages of taking private Chinese class here:

There is a Chinese saying :“好好学习,天天向上”, it literally means good good study , and day day up. When we translate it into proper English, it means study hard then you can improve. It shows how important to make your study consistent. If you have already made up your mind to begin this exciting Chinese learning journeys, alway plan and prepare ahead and finish strong! 加油!