Intensive Mandarin Chinese Courses Singapore [Daytime Chinese Class]


Learn Mandarin- Intensive Courses Singapore

Intensive Mandarin Chinese Courses

The intensive Mandarin Chinese courses are suitable for individuals who are looking for a fast track courses that can be completed within 2 to 3 weeks or travellers who are coming to Singapore for a short period of time and would like to take Mandarin Chinese class and pick up a few Chinese sentences in this period.

  1. Weekday Morning Intensive Chinese Courses (Conversational Chinese)

We have two types of Intensive Chinese class, one is the 3 times per week class and the other is a 5 times per week class (Monday to Friday).

  1. The three times per week Beginner Chinese foundation course covers the practical topics for daily life from self-introduction to shopping and eating in Mandarin. Students will grasps the most fundamental knowledge of spoken Chinese in just 1 month.

  2. The five times per week Beginner Chinese foundation course has 10 sessions (2 hours each) in total. You will learn basic social Mandarin Chinese and everyday conversations to build your language skill quickly and effectively. Students will finish this intensive course in 2 weeks of 10 consecutive days.

  3. Course Details

    Fees: $520 per level

    Schedule: 10am-12pm

    Textbook & Course Materials: $65 per pax (Can be used for 3 levels)

    Online Study Apps: Free

Schedule Course Start Date Finish Date Class Type
2pm-4pm Beginner 1August 22October 17Once Per Week
190501Beginner 1May 6May 175 Days Per Week
190601Beginner 1June 10June 283 Days Per Week
190701Beginner 1July 1July 125 Days Per Week
190702Beginner 2July 15July 265 Days Per Week

None of the above matches your schedule? No worries, just send us your preferred schedule for a personalised arrangement by clicking the Quest Another Time button to contact us.

2. Weekday Afternoon Intensive Chinese Class [Grammar & Vocabulary)

Weekday afternoon Chinese class is on a daily basis from 2pm to 4pm. Each session is 2-hour. The weekday Mandarin Chinese intensive afternoon class are focus on Chinese vocabulary and grammar. Beside the classroom study, we also provide online classes, each session is 45 minutes.