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#109 Writing Chinese Characters


Chinese characters are the root of the language, and are what that enables us to read and understand newspapers, books, signs while travelling and writing messages to friends etc. They can be easy yet confusing at the same time - ranging from 1 stroke to as many as more than 2o strokes. Whew! It definitely takes some time to learn and get used to writing these big words.

So lets say you have learned how to read these words, but how do you perfect them in writing too? Well... read on!

1. Take note of stroke order

It seems like a minimal matter but stroke order does affect the legibility and proportion of your words. With proper proportion comes beautiful characters. Writing in the wrong stroke order may result in illegible words and cause misunderstandings when others are reading what you have written.


2. Correct proportion of radicals

Radicals are somewhat Chinese alphabets, when combined with other characters, they form words and meanings. Radicals may or may not be words on their own. Words such as 提,你,好,话,灯 have radicals. Take 灯 for example, which is made up of 火and丁. However, note how 火 is sightly thinner and smaller when written as a radical. This is what makes it clear that you are writing 灯 and not 火丁, which has no meaning.

3. Calligraphy writing

Its not a must that your handwriting have to be as beautiful as Chinese calligraphy. But attending some lessons and using brush to write definitely helps you get a grip on the strokes, the size and proportion of each word and of course, how they look aesthetically. After which, writing on paper with normal pens would also seem much easier.


4. Practice practice practice!

What better way to improve than to practice? Take a few minutes each day to practice some characters, they can be easy as writing numbers or more advanced such as writing names of places. Nonetheless, they do help you perfect your handwriting and also train you to remember how each word is pronounced. There are many practice books with guiding squares to lend you a helping hand!




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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Practice sheets by us to help you get started! For sale on our Facebook page too (:

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