Online Study


Online study creates the possibility of study anytime and anywhere without limits and restrictions on time and venue. For language learners around the globe, online study could fit in their busy schedule and makes it possible for the everyday immersion of a newly adopted language. On the other hand, it also makes it possible to study with a native speaker from the other side of the world. By integrating Face to Face Mandarin Chinese instruction and WizIQ online classroom, students are able to involved both online and offline. Teachers are able to deliver interactive and engaging course content to students. The online study materials, recoded lessons and published courseware helps the students to review and to reflect their study even better.

Who should consider to join an online Chinese course ?

  • Frequent travellers

If you are a frequent traveller, scheduled tuition may not be suitable for you. Missing lessons may drag you fall behind the class. If you are new to Chinese, it would be very difficult to catch up later. Join a online Chinese tuition, you may simply book one session of the class to make it up.

  • Working adults

NO time to come to the class but still want to learn Chinese ? Do not want to rush to the classroom after 8 hours hard work? Join a scheduled Virtual Classroom might be the ultimate solution for this. Teachers can publish course content and share it in the virtual classroom or directly distribute it to the students. Thus, students can get the course notification whenever new content, assessments or classes are added.

  • No Chinese teachers available in your regions

Just relocated to a new region that hard to come by a good Mandarin tutor? Book an online Chinese course help you to save time and money. Continuing your study with your current teacher gives you more confidence and assurance in a new environment.

  • Need everyday practice

Need everyday practice? By adopting Chinese language successfully, the key is constant exposure and practice. To reduce the cost, it would be practical to sign-up with a online Chinese course, and study in a small group. Our packages are available from 3 months to 1 year. It saves you more than 30% than a regular program.

Whether this is something for you has to depend on individual’s learning habit as well. This could be something worthy exploring for an adventurous spirit or for a long term learning commitment.