What are the Best Chinese Online Dictionary App ?


Chinese Online Dictionaries

Chinese dictionary apps can support your Chinese study both online and offline. These tools will save your tons of time in revision and self-study. In this post, I will begin with two online dictionaries (字典)which I think are the best two online dictionary app choices by far.

  1. Chinese Dictionary App - Pleco 普利科

Pleco app is available for iPhone, iPad,iPod and Android. As a Chinese learning dictionary app, it supports both simplified and traditional Chinese Characters. If you have previously studied Japanese Kanji, this function helps a lot when transforming the words from traditional script to the Simplified. Other highlighted features are Flashcards, Handwriting and Audios.

This free App also comes with paid Add-on Features of Bundle Packages and Professional Bundle:

Download here: https://www.pleco.com/

Pleco_Software_-_Learn_Chinese_with_our_Dictionaries_for_iPhone__iPad_and_Android Chinese Sentence Searching on Pleco

Pleco_Software_-_Learn_Chinese_with_our_Dictionaries_for_iPhone__iPad_and_Android1 Search Chinese words by Pinyin

2. Chinese Dictionary App - Dianhua 电花

Dianhua (电花)is powered by CC-CEDICT, and provide a offline capability. In order to use this App, you will need to register first, then it allows you to sync word list entries or create your own Chinese vocabulary list. It is also possible to export your list from the Dianhua website.

Download here: http://dianhuadictionary.com/


Going to the main page, Chinese learners can directly search the new words on desktop without downloading any softwares. It supports both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

The example below is by searching pinyin hao , and you will get all the words with pinyin hao with four tones, including both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Those tools are great helper , but it is you who will make the difference. By mastering 5 characters a day, you can master 1825 characters a year.

In my next post, I will share some Chinese learning Apps for people who are interested in learning Chinese Characters and building up their vocabulary.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What dictionary apps would you add to the above recommendations? Please share in the comments!