Complete Elementary Chinese Course

Complete Elementary Chinese Course

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The Elementary Chinese Course is the continuation of Beginner Chinese Course. We take your study to the next level by introducing Chinese Characters into your study. It covers not only the conversational Chinese but with basic grammars and structures to build up a strong foundation for your Chinese study. It is inline with HSK test and upon completing, students may consider to take the HSK level 3.

This Course Bundle is valid to redeem within 24 months.

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Terms & Conditions

By Signing up this course online, you are agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Application

1.1 Enrolment is based on first-come-first-served basis for group study.

1.2 The studio reserves the right to cancel, postpone or make necessary

changes (e.g. trainer, contents, classroom, course fee and commencement

date) to the courses.

1.3 Confirmation letter will be sent (via email) only when the payment is


1.4 All application for our training and language programs can be made via


1.5 All application must be accompanied with a duly completed application

form or online form.

2. Payment

2.1 All payments are to be made in Singapore dollar. We accept cash,

cheques, bank transfer, PayPal (with 5% surcharge) and NETS payments

for all our programs.

2.2 Please do not send any cash by mail.

2.3 Please attach your confirmation letter or enrolment form.

2.4 Payment to be made at least (1) week before course commencement.

3. Refund Policy

3.1 Any fee-paying student, whether local or international, must pay his/her

fees before the course start.

3.2 The following fees are non-refundable:

• Registration fees 50 dollars (included in course fees);

• Additional fees (as stipulated forehand);

• Fees that are imposed by the government authorities or other external

parties, such as examination board or a foreign education institution or

a local/overseas professional bodies, as the case may be;

• Goods and Services Tax;

• Deferment fee;

• Late Fee penalty;

• Material, Textbook and Laboratory Fees;

• All other fees or costs incurred by the Studio as a result of the

student’s initial enrolment.

3.3 Non-refundable policy for all Course Bundles

Course Bundle Tuition fees paid before commencement of the course are strictly non-refundable or transferrable.

4. Transfers

4.1 A change of course by any student is considered as a transfer of course.

4.2 All transfers shall be in accordance with the aforementioned clauses on


4.3 Request for transfers shall be made at least two (2) weeks in writing to

the Studio. It takes approximately six (6) weeks for the process of transfer

upon receipt of notice. We shall not accept verbal notice given by the student.

4.4 Transfer fee includes:

• Administrative charge at 30% of the original course fee paid;

• Materials fee varies according to types of course;

• Difference in course fee if the fee for the latter class is higher.

4.5 When transferring to a class with a lower course fee, there will be no

refund on the difference in course fees.

4.6 Approval for such requests is on a case-by-case basis. The Studio's

decision is final and it will not entertain any dispute.

5. Make-Up Class

5.1 For group class, student who sign up for the full level course will be

granted maximum of two (2) make-up sessions per level per course in the

concurrent course (subject to class availability).

5.2 Request for make-up session shall be made before or during the course

registration in writing to the Studio.

5.3 For private class, student requests for replacement class should be made

at least 24 hours before class commencement either by email or text

message, otherwise the course fee will be forfeited.

5.4 Pro-rated course fee will be considered on the case-by-case basis

5.5 Student who miss the lesson due to personal reasons during the course

period is eligible to purchase a private make-up session at $50 per hour for

the maximum 2 hours per course. The session will only be arranged

according to teacher’s availability.

6. Withdrawals

6.1 In the case of any withdrawal, a counseling session will be held between

the student and the Studio’s staff to understand the reasons for withdrawal

and where appropriate to offer alternative courses to the student. The student

makes the final decision on whether to remain or to proceed with the

withdrawal or transfer.

6.2 Request for withdrawals shall be made at least two (2) weeks in writing to

the Studio. It takes approximately six (6) weeks for the process of withdrawal

upon receipt of notice.

6.3 There will be no refund for any withdrawal class.

7. Validity of Packages

The validity of 10 hours private class package is 6-month only, from the date

of commencement. The validity of 20 hours and 30 hours packages is

12-month only, from the date of commencement and strictly no extension for

all packages. If students would to continue their class after the package is

expired, they will need to purchase a new package.

8. Confidentiality

It is the Studio’s commitment to collect just sufficient information and data

from participants for the purpose of course application, billing and other

internal administrative processes. All collected participant information will be

treated in strict confidence and the Studio commits that participant’s consent

will be sought should their information be used for any other purpose other

than the Studio’s internal administrative usage.

9. Issuing of Certificate

9.1 There is no official certificate; only Certificate of Completion will be issued

for student who completed at least 75% of the course.

9.2 The complimentary certificate will be issued to students who completed

the full level course. If student requests for the certificate upon completion

of a single level, there will be administrative charge at $10 for the certificate.