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Business Chinese

Business Chinese

1. About the course

This Business Chinese course is designed for working professionals who are planning to work in China, or communicate with Chinese business partners and customers. During the course, you will learn professional business language in both written and spoken form.

You will be also able to put forward a more warm and welcoming image to your Chinese partners and customers in Singapore as well as other countries, as it shows that you have made an effort in learning their language and culture. Students can expect lively and interactive lessons by our teachers who have worked in the China market.

This business Chinese course is available in 1 on 1 Private Class, Small Group Class and Corporate In-house Training. We would recommend students to have at least an O-level proficiency of the Chinese language for the course.

2. Key features

Total number of hours: 20 hours 

Class Size: 2-6 pax

Course Fees :$750

Start Date: April 19, 2017

Schedule: Wednesday 7:00pm - 9:00pm 

Course Materials: $35 

Total Payment: $785 (All inclusive)

Required level of fluency: Minimum O level or equivalent 

Certificate: Certificate of Completion will be given to students upon successfully completion

3. About the Trainer

Claire Li(李老师)was born and raised in China. She was one of the few lucky students who were selected to study in Singapore at age 15. Prior to teaching Chinese, Claire has gained diverse experience across Sales, Marketing, and Recruitment, and has worked extensively in the Chinese market. Currently, Claire is pursuing the CTCSOL (Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) which is the only official and internationally-recognized teaching certification. Claire is experienced in teaching business professionals who are interested in learning everything about China. Her teaching style is lively, interactive, and often involves story telling.

4. Standard Curriculum 

第一单元:商务汉语入门 Introduction to Business Chinese

第二单元:招聘与应聘 Hiring & Interviewing

第三单元:公司结构 Organization Structure

第四单元:联系客户 Contacting Clients

第五单元:市场调查 Market Research

第六单元:市场营销 Sales & Marketing

第七单元:客户维护 Managing Clients

第八单元:商务考察 Making Business (Inspection) Trips

第九单元:商务谈判 Business Negotiation

第十单元:投资中国 Investing in China

5. Customized Curriculum consists of the following contents (Private Class/Workshop)

1. functional objectives of the lesson
2. Communicative exchanges
3. New words and expressions
4. Enrichment
5. Supplementary business expressions
6. Grammar and business cultural notes
7. Communicative speech drilling
8. Communicative activities

Course Content


1. Introduction about Chinese Languages


  • Obtain functional knowledge about Standard Chinese
  • Distinguish Chinese spoken and written forms
  • Understand Chinese Pronunciation and Pinyin Romanization
  • Distinguish four Chinese tones and pronounce them correctly in a single word
  • Understand grammar and word order


2. Business Greetings and Introductions


  • Greet someone and respond to a greeting in social and business settings
  • Identify yourself and someone else by surname, given name and full name.
  • Carry on a simple conversation with greetings and name inquiry
3. Business Forms of Address, Business Work Unit, Location, Phone Number and Nationality
  • Identity yourself or someone else by his/her correct position or title
  • Affirm or negate someone’s identity
  • Answer someone else’s phone number
  • Tell your home, business and cellphone numbers in Mandarin Chinese
4. Business Companies, Positions, Titles, Rank and Business Card
  • Identify your business associate/partner by title, position and rank
  • Ask and tell where one works
  • Ask and tell what one does in a company / corporation
  • Introduce your business associate/partners to someone else
  • Learn how to exchange business cards
5. Customised Session: Terminologies
  • Learn how to use industry related terminologies at workplace

6. Business contacts


  • Enquiry about price of products;
  • Describe style, quality and design of products;
  • Ask and tell where one visits and stays during the visit;
  • Ask and tell how one goes for a business trip to China
  • Ask and tell what business activities will take place during a business trip to China, etc.


7. Business visits


  • Use and exchange business formalities at a welcome event;
  • Ask and tell about one’s journey
  • Use polite expressions when meeting business partner for the first time
  • Use the right grammar word

8. Business Banquet and Business Arrangement



  • Know Chinese business etiquette such as table manners, eating and drinking etiquettes;
  • Propose a toast at business settings;
  • Correctly use “le” for exclamation;
  • Express the informal way of saying “will do something” in Chinese

9. International Trade Fair

  • Learn how long and how often something takes place;
  • Describe past events with an emphasis on time, place, purpose, and with whom that event took place;
  • Learn about the detailed process of a business transaction;

10. Negotiating a business transaction

  • Use the right idiomatic expression;
  • Know ways and means of marketing one’s product(s);
  • Learn how to bargain for a business transaction a business negotiation table;
  • Learn how to place an order and make an offer for a business/trade transaction
  • Learn ways of saying “no” to a business deal.

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