Pre-advanced Chinese Course

Pre-advanced Chinese Course

It all started when you finished your Intermediate Chinese Course

After finishing Intermediate Chinese Course (Level 1 to Level 3), you may consider to go one level up to the Pre-advanced Chinese Course.

Our Pre-advanced Chinese Course consists of 3 levels, each level can be done in 20 hours/10 sessions in a small group class or 12 hours in a 1 to 1 private class. In this Pre-advanced level, we focus on enforcing the grammar and the language structures learned in the intermediate class and focus on expending the Chinese vocabulary with combined instruction of the four basic skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our unique HanBan syllable is in line with the HSK tests. Students who have completed the Pre-advanced Chinese courses may consider taking the HSK test Level 4 or 5. We also provide the HSK preparation class for students who would like to challenge themselves for the HSK test in Singapore. The HSK preparation class will help them to familiarise the testing system and the syllables.

Course Details:

  • Levels : 3

  • No. of hours: 60 (in total) / 20 (per level)

  • No. of sessions: 30 (in total) / 10 (per level)

  • Per session: 2 hours

  • Course fees: $660 per level

  • Textbook,Workbook & Course Materials: $65 (Level 1-3)

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