Beginner Chinese

Lesson Focus:

Conversation and Text :

Practical and easy to command Chinese phrases are introduced.
New words: Learners are learning an average of 20 new Chinese works per lesson. All the new words are compiled in Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English translation as a reference.


Simple Chinese grammar are introduced into each lesson, providing practical guidance for students to proper construct Chinese sentence.

Writing Tutorials & Practices :

Systematic knowledge of practical Chinese characters writing, including basic Strokes and Radicals.


Speaking and comprehension exercises to see how well the students understand the texts.

Culture Notes:

Learn Chinese through its culture and history. Some group activity will be done at Chinatown.


Students who have successfully completed their Beginner Chinese Course with minimum 75% attendance will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.

Beginner Chinese Class - Teacher Katrina with Her Students

Beginner Chinese Class - Teacher Katrina with Her Students

Course Content

There are 12 units in this course (3 levels), each levels consist of 4 units. 

Unit 1 Getting Started with Han Yu Pin Yin

Unit 2 Greetings and Introducing your self in Chinese

Unit 3 Introducing Family and Friends

Unit 4 Numbers

Unit 5 Dates and Plans

Unit 6 Time

Unit 7 Shopping

Unit 8 Eating and Drinking

Unit 9 Transport and directions

Unit 10 Staying in a Hotel

Unit 11 Leisure and Hobbies

Unit 12 Making Phone Calls in Chinese