Beginner Chinese

Beginner Chinese Course

Beginner Chinese Course

Lesson Focus:

Conversation and Text :

Practical and easy to command Chinese phrases are introduced.
New words: Learners are learning an average of 20 new Chinese words per lesson. All the new words are compiled in Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English translation as a reference.


Simple Chinese grammar are introduced into each lesson, providing practical guidance for students to proper construct Chinese sentence.

Writing Tutorials & Practices :

Systematic knowledge of practical Chinese characters writing, including basic Strokes and Radicals.


Speaking and comprehension exercises to see how well the students understand the texts.

Culture Notes:

Learn Chinese through its culture and history. Some group activity will be done at Chinatown.


Students who have successfully completed their Beginner Chinese Course with minimum 75% attendance will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.

Beginner Chinese Class - Teacher Katrina with Her Students

Beginner Chinese Class - Teacher Katrina with Her Students

Course Details

  • Total number of hours per level: 18 hrs

  • No. of sessions per level: 9

  • Cost fee: $520

  • Class Size: 3 - 6 pax

  • Textbook, MP3 audio files, online study apps & course materials: $65 (can be used for all 3 levels of Beginners class)

  • Total fee: $585 SGD

  • Location: 20 Kramat Lane, #03-05 Singapore 228773

  • Note: Limited seats available on a first-come, first served basis (Advanced Registration and Payment is required )

Course Content

There are 12 units in this course (3 levels), each levels consist of 4 units. 

Unit 1 Getting Started with Han Yu Pin Yin

Unit 2 Greetings and Introducing your self in Chinese

Unit 3 Introducing Family and Friends

Unit 4 Numbers

Unit 5 Dates and Plans

Unit 6 Time

Unit 7 Shopping

Unit 8 Eating and Drinking

Unit 9 Transport and directions

Unit 10 Staying in a Hotel

Unit 11 Leisure and Hobbies

Unit 12 Making Phone Calls in Chinese

Final Presentation

Beginner Chinese Level 1

Beginner Chinese Level 1 - Final presentation by Françoise (Chinese Name: Fan Fang Ci 范芳慈)

What Our Students Said

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Complete Beginner Chinese Course
1,425.00 1,625.00

Get this 3 levels of complete beginner course at $1425 including textbook and course materials. It consist of 3 levels of study in a small group , total 54 training hours. 

The complete beginner Chinese course is designed for complete beginners who has no prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. It is well paced into 3 levels, 54 hours of group studies. We teach the students to master the basics of Mandarin Chinese and also develop an understanding of Chinese characters and the rich culture behind the Chinese language itself. Our approach is highly interactive and cultural.

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