Intermediate Chinese Course Singapore

Intermediate Chinese Course

Intermediate Chinese Course

It all started when you finished your Elementary Chinese Course

The Intermediate Chinese Course consists of levels of study in a small group with 20 hours of classes/10 sessions per level in a small group setting. It takes 12 hours to complete in a 1 to 1 Private Chinese Class.

This course is the continuation of Elementary Chinese Series. It is well paced into 3 levels. The course content is in line with the HSK Test (han yu shui ping kao shi 汉语水平考试). The student will be in a cultural setting when learning this course. Through many experiences and interesting encounters of the main characters in the textbook. Students will not only learn the authentic Mandarin Chinese language but also immerse themselves in a Chinese speaking environment. The teaching of any foreign language cannot live without the teaching of its society, culture and tradition. The main instruction language is Mandarin Chinese and English. The attention is paid to the pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

Course Details:

  • Levels : 3

  • No. of hours: 60 (in total) /20 (per level)

  • No. of sessions: 30(in total) / 10 (per level)

  • Per session: 2 hours

  • Course fees: $640 per level

  • Textbook, Workbook & Course Materials with study App: $65 (Level 1-3)

The Layout

  1. Text

  2. New Words

  3. Notes

  4. Conversation Practices

  5. Reading Comprehension and Paraphrasing

  6. Phonetics and Pronunciation Drills

  7. Grammar

  8. Chinese Characters

  9. Cultural Notes

Not Sure if this is the right level for you ?

  1. Check out the Sample Course Content of Intermediate Chinese Level 1 

  2. Take free online assessment 

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The Intermediate Chinese Course is inline with HSK level 4. It is suitable for students who have completed the Elementary Chinese Course or has passed HSK level 3.

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