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Learn Chinese Songs

Learn Chinese through Music and Songs

Ever heard that one Chinese song that you can’t get out of your head? Or wanting to surprise you Chinese partner with a love song? Now you can sing to your heart’s desire! 

We teach you how to pronounce and sing Chinese songs and also explain to you on the emotions behind the lyrics, so you can have a blast with your favourite song in this beautiful new language.

Our Chinese singing class has also been featured on AsiaOne , The Straits Times :

“Boutique language centre Han Hai Language Studio also has a similar programme. It started offering one ­on­ one Mandarin singing classes last May.

Its training manager Grace Guo, 30, says: “We were already integrating music into our classes. We realised that if we use the traditional way of teaching the language, people get bored. Some started asking for classes focusing on singing instead.”

Check it out here : http://www.asiaone.com/print/News/Latest%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20130401-412690.html

Key Features:

  • Recommend the most suitable Chinese songs for different occasions
  • Teaching you the pronunciation and tones of lyrics
  • Explaining on Meaning of lyrics 
  • Learn 2 Chinese songs
  • Chinese Karaoke software recommendations
  • Price: $300 (4 hours/4 sessions of private instruction)

Come join in the freedom of expressing yourself through music! 

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Founded in 2010, Han Hai Language Studio is a boutique language school located at Somerset Road & Market Street. Han Hai's mission is to promote Chinese culture and help non-Chinese speakers to master this beautiful Asian language. GET STARTED NOW