About Us

Han Hai Language Studio was founded in 2010 and incorporated as a subsidiary of GTJ Education Holdings Pte Ltd in 2016. At Han Hai Language Studio, we aim to provide novel and original ways of learning the Mandarin Chinese language catered to the working adult. We are of the belief that the Chinese language is becoming more and more essential in today’s modern world of business and day to day communications. Thus, all of Han Hai’s course content and lesson plans are aimed at effectively and rapidly teaching the language to active working professionals.

Han Hai’s lessons are not dry and boring lessons typical of most language schools. We always strive to incorporate elements of Chinese culture and history to make things more interesting. We believe that by teaching more about the Chinese culture, students will find it easier to learn the language as well as at the same time expanding their vocabulary.

Our lessons will invariably improve the following tenets of the Chinese language.

  • Speaking and listening
  • Academic writing
  • Vocabulary (for casual and /or business conversation)
  • Pronunciation and accents

As the core of our student body consists mainly of both white and blue collar workers with day jobs and families to attend to, we understand how busy our students can be. Therefore, to provide maximum flexibility to our students, we offer various types of classes that include one to one sessions and online resources for the frequently travelling working professional. The one to one sessions and online resources ensure that busy and oft abroad students are not left behind academically due to packed schedules.

Hence, with all of the aforementioned factors, Han Hai Language studio is THE Chinese language school of choice for working professionals looking to study Mandarin in Singapore.

For more information or general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our language consultants .