HSK Test in Singapore

The Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (汉语水平考试) is China’s national standardised test designed and developed by the HSK Centers around the world to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers (including foreigners, overseas Chinese and students from Chinese national minorities).

The new HSK exam combines the advantages of the original HSK while taking into consideration recent trends in Chinese language training by conducting surveys and making use of the latest findings in international language testing.

The NEW HSK is divided into three categories:

  • Beginning level (HSK Basic)

  • Elementary to intermediate level (HSK Elementary-Intermediate)

  • Advanced level (HSK Advanced)

HSK (Basic) is a standardized test designed for beginners. It is most appropriate for those who have acquired 400-3000 basic Chinese words (referring to level A and B in the Outline of HSK Grammar).

HSK Elementary-Intermediate is suitable for persons who have mastery of 2000-5000 Chinese words (referring to levels A, B and C in the outline of HSK Vocabulary) and certain rules of grammar (referring to levels A, B and C in the outline of HSK Grammar).

HSK Advanced applies to those who have mastery of 5000-8000 Chinese words (referring to level A, B, C and D in the Outline of HSK Vocabulary) and the corresponding rules of grammar (referring to level A, B, C and D in the Outline of HSK Grammar).


Level 1

  • 150 words

  • Listening / Reading

  • 35 minutes

Level 2

  • 300 words

  • Listening / Reading

  • 50 minutes

Level 3

  • 600 words

  • Listening / Reading / Writing

  • 85 minutes

Level 4

  • 1200 words

  • Listening / Reading / Writing

  • 100 minutes

Level 5

  • 2500 words

  • Listening / Reading / Writing

  • 120 minutes

Level 6

  • 5000 words

  • Listening / Reading / Writing

  • 135 minutes


Format: Listen and repeat / Listen and answer / Answer the question

  • Basic: 17 minutes

  • Intermediate: 21 minutes

  • Advanced: 24 minutes

HSK Test Date 2019 Singapore

Test Dates


Registration Deadlines

Saturday 23th Mar 2019

Sunday 21th Jul 2019

Sunday 22nd Sep 2019

Sunday 1st Dec 2019

L1-6 + Oral (Intermediate & Advanced)

L1-6 + Oral

L1-6+ Oral (Intermediate & Advanced)

L1-6 + Oral

Saturday 16th Feb

Saturday 8th Jun

Saturday 17th August

Saturday 19th October

HSK Test Preparation Class Singapore

HSK Test Preparation Class Singapore

2019 HSK Preparation Class @ Han Hai

A free mock test will be arranged for students who would like to take HSK and attending the preparatory class at Han Hai Language Studio. Based on the mock test result, we will recommend the targeted level and advise you on the number of hours needed to prepare for this Chinese test.

HSK Preparation Class- Private 1-on-1 Tutoring

Prepare yourself exclusively for the HSK exam by focusing on the areas you know you need to improve. This HSK 1 on 1 class is suitable for the individual who needs full attention from the teacher and enjoy the flexibility of class schedule.

Following your own learning speed, Han Hai's  1-on-1 HSK Private Tutoring is the most flexible and personalised option to prepare yourself fully for the HSK test.

Small Group HSK 3 - HSK 6 Preparation

The small Group HSK Preparatory Class are available during the weekday evenings or on Saturday mornings. Class size is between 2 to 6 pax only.

For Characters Writing, we recommend you get started with this HSK Level 1 Workbook and attending the 10 hours Private Chinese Character Class.