Chinese Pinyin Class in Singapore

Chinese Pinyin Class in Singapore


Hanyu Pinyin & Chinese Typing Class in Singapore

Hanyu Pinyin (Chinese phonetics) is the basic that one will first encounter when starting to learn the Chinese Language. It lays the foundation for reading and speaking Chinese characters. It is also especially important in today’s fast-paced technological society, so most smartphones and computers require knowledge of Hanyu Pinyin to type Chinese characters. 

The course is designed not only to teach students the correct spelling of Hanyu Pinyin, but also how to type it on smartphones and laptops. Be it to send messages to your loved ones, or purely to ace your social media game, this course is just right for you!

Key Features:

  • Focus on teaching only Hanyu Pinyin & Chinese Typing

  • Pronunciation and Writing

  • Number of hours: 4 hours (Private Class)/ 8 hours (Small Group Class)

  • Course Fee: $300 per person (All inclusive)

Course Content:

  1. The Scheme for the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet

  2. Finals & Initials in Chinese

  3. Tones in Chinese

  4. The four rhyming patterns in Chinese Mandarin

  5. Spelling Exercise with tones

  6. The Sandhi in Chinese Phonetics

  7. Chinese Typing Systems

  8. Setting Up the Typing System on your Smartphone and PC

  9. Chinese Typing Practice