Chinese Class for Children 


Children learn Chinese language differently from adults. Our Chinese Class for Children has been designed based on our real experience in teaching Mandarin Chinese to children whose first language is not Mandarin. Our courses aim to cultivate children’s interest in learning Mandarin Chinese and help them to form good learning habits. It focus on building a solid foundation in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and is divided into various levels from beginner to advanced.

Key Features:

Class Type: 1 to 1 Private Class

Schedule : Once per week/twice per week

Time: Flexible (can be arrange on Weekday or Weekend)

Hourly Rate: $70

Teacher: Full-time teacher, native speaker of Mandarin Chinese ( Master Degree in Chinese Teaching) with minimum 3 years teaching experience



Basic package rate: $700 (10 hours)

$1260 (20 hours-10% discount)

$1800 (30 hours- Bulk discount)

$2200 (40 hours- Bulk discount)

Course Content:


Chinese characters

Grammar and sentence structure

Listening, speaking, reading, writing

Chinese learning apps available for studying during own time