How to make small talk in simple Chinese?


#101 How to make small talk in simple Chinese?

Say you are going to a Chinese meet-up or have some friends from China coming over, so you would need to speak some Chinese. How do you make small talk so things do not get awkward? Here are some steps and examples you could follow!

1. Introduction, like what you would usually do in your native language when you meet new friends. 

你好,我叫________ 。(nǐ hǎo,wǒ jiào)

Hello, my name is _______.


2. Tell your new friends a little more about yourself. You can talk about your country, or even the specific city you are from.

我是美国人/我来自美国。 (wǒ shì měi guó rén / wǒ lái zì měi guó)

I am American / I come from America.

你呢?(nǐ ne)

What about you?

3. Your job

我是老师/工程师。 (wǒ shì lǎo shī/gōng chéng shī)

I work as a teacher/an engineer.

你呢?(nǐ ne)

What about you?


4. Your interests


空闲时,我喜欢看书和运动。我也很喜欢旅游!(kòng xián shí, wǒ xǐ huan kàn shū hé yùn dòng.wǒ yě hěn xǐ huan lǚ yóu!)

During my free time, I like to read and exercise. I love to travel too!

5. Your Chinese learning experience, of course!

你学习中文多久了?(nǐ xué xí zhōng wén duō jiǔ le?)

How long have you studied Chinese?

你平时都花多少时间复习?(nǐ píng shí dōu huā duō shǎo shí jiān fù xí?)

How much time do you usually spend on revision?

你有什么学习技巧吗?(nǐ yǒu shé me xué xí jì qiǎo ma?)

Do you have any studying tips?

Go ahead to make changes to the list, find topics and way of speaking that is most suitable for you, and you will be an expert in no time (: