Mid Autumn Festival - 中秋节

#112 - Mid Autumn Festival


Mid Autumn Festival is one of the important festival celebrated in many Asian countries including China, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. It originated in the Zhou Dynasty and became popular in the Tang Dynasty.

This is a day is celebrated when the moon is of the fullest, on the 18th day of the 8th lunar month. It is also the time of the year of heart-warming reunions where families gather for dinner and to spend time together. This day is so important that China implemented 1 week of public holiday for everyone to travel back to their hometown.

Food has always been a big part of Chinese festivals. For this particular one, the most commonly enjoyed food are mooncakes, 月饼 and pomelo, 柚子.


Mooncakes, which are traditional Chinese pastry, is a must-eat as.  The roundness of the cake symbolizes reunion. The variety of fillings also increased with time, in the past there are only a few flavour such as red bean paste, lotus seed paste, egg yolk and nuts. Now, there are creative ones such as durian, green tea, fruits, cream cheese and chocolate.

In addition, besides the traditional baked mooncake, there are also snow skin mooncakes (冰皮月饼) which originates from Hong Kong. The mooncake skim is made of glutinous rice and kept cold, hence giving it a refreshing taste and also on the healthier side.



So how do Singapore celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival? While we may not get a long holiday, there are still celebrations in town! Mid Autumn @ Gardens By the Bay is perfect with lantern display, street food and traditional performances (just to name a few!) Besides, the Community Centres of each district will also be having celebrations, lighting the night up with songs, performances and a jolly good time with your neighbours and friends.

Reunion dinner, mooncakes, children carrying colourful lanterns, and celebrations island wide - definitely a fulfilling time spent! 中秋节快乐!