Useful Phrases while traveling in China

#103 Useful Chinese Phrases while traveling in China

China is a popular place to travel to, especially if you're learning Chinese and want to fully immerse yourself in the language. Besides that, there is also an increasing number to people going there to study and work. It can be daunting in a country that speaks a language so different from your own, so here are some Chinese phrases that might come in handy!


1. 这个多少钱?/这个怎么卖?(zhège duō shǎo qián? / zhège zěnme mài?)

How much is this?

Unless you are in a supermarket or mall, prices of things are often unmarked in stores. Be sure to ask for the price so you don't get surprised when paying!


2. 太贵了!便宜些吧。(tài guì le! pián yi xiē ba.)

It's too expensive! Cheaper please.

Probably the most universal phrase while shopping. Prices often get marked up and its time to put your bargain skills into practice.


3. 请问地铁站在哪里?(qǐng wèn dì tiě zhàn zài nǎ lǐ?)

May I know where is the subway station?

Big and small cities in China have or are having subway stations built. It is one of the most convenient and cheapest way to travel, with stations located near many attractions. Your smartphone GPS service/app is a wonderful tool to use but if that fails you, it is always great to ask the locals.


4. 请问厕所在哪里?(qǐng wèn cè suǒ zài nǎ lǐ?)

May I know where is the bathroom?

Heads up! Public toilets in China are usually the squat ones, so there's some need getting used to.

Another tip: bring your own tissue.


5. 请问医院在哪里?/请送我到医院!(qǐng wèn yī yuàn zài nǎ lǐ? / qǐng sòng wǒ dào yī yuàn!)

May I know where is the hospital? / Please send me to the hospital!

We would hate for anything to happen but if unfortunately, you need any medical help, just say "yī yuàn". Your taxi driver or host will know right away where to go.


Some places that we recommend going are:

Beijing-北京 (its the capital and it has rich history!)


Shanghai -上海 (a mixture of old and new)


Suzhou, Lijiang-苏州,丽江 (for its beautiful ancient architecture)


Zhangjiajie-张家界 (for its natural scenic landscape, it is also considered one of the most beautiful places in China!)


Traveling in winter? Harbin-哈尔滨, the capital of Heilongjiang is the place to go for its Ice & Snow Festival.


If you're feeling bit more adventurous, Tibet and Inner Mongolia(西藏,内蒙古)are just for you (:


Happy travels and stay safe!