Why Anyone Can Know How to Learn Chinese

Millions of people go to China every year for a number of reasons. One would be to visit the beautiful country and mingle with the locals, while pushing a commercial transaction would be another. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, knowing how to learn Chinese the easiest and fastest way possible would surely help improve the quality of your stay. Upon hearing such a suggestion, most people may probably get overwhelmed by the idea. Mandarin may appear to be an almost impossible language to learn, but it’s not nearly as hard as everyone thinks it to be. There are plenty of “how to learn Chinese” books and online resources at your disposal, should you ever be interested in learning the language.

While these types of study materials are undoubtedly helpful, these methods on how to learn Chinese aren’t the quickest nor most effective. Attending a school would be better for acquiring firm knowledge plus communications skills with this Asian language.

Having said that, what makes this “tongue” so easy to learn in the first place? The majority of individuals that have spent years learning a variety of languages all tend to agree that Chinese is actually the easiest to learn. In comparison to French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian, Chinese grammar is the simplest of them all – a fact that many polyglots (both notable and unknown) will confirm.

Aside from having “professionals” claim that this Asian language is very easy to learn, there are other supporting factors to back up the seemingly bold statement. One good supporting detail would be the fact that there are no noun plurals or irregular verbs that a student needs to familiarize himself with. Words only take single forms here, have no suffixes for tense, case, number plus more, which makes the learning process even easier.

If there’d be any possible element that’d cause a few difficulties during your education in the Chinese language, it’d probably be the fact that it’s a tonal language. This means different tones can change the meaning of a word. However, with a little practice, and good listening skills, this shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Another issue deemed as the biggest by many students wanting to learn the language would be the writing system. Since it’s obviously nothing similar to English, memorization of the new alphabet is necessary. For this reason, finding a reputable school that implements methods on how to learn Chinese characters by showing the correct patterns and roots of each character will probably be necessary to reduce the memorization load.

Books on how to learn Chinese quickly may be helpful, but they aren’t as effective as an actual school that specializes on this matter. With patience and a little perseverance, learning this language shouldn’t be hard nor take long.

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